Georgy for Governor

Phil just sent me this link, and I think she rocks – although I’d never heard of her before. She’s 26, a “software engineer and helped found a start-up which used the open source Linux operating system as its backbone,” according to a BBC article.

“…her motivation to run in the election is reflected in her attitude to technology.

“I just love being able to actually build something, make it work and see the result of that,” she told BBC News Online. “With Linux, when you tinker around what comes out might not work at all. But on other hand, something awesome can come out of it. I guess this particular race is like an open-source race. Anyone can jump in there,” she muses.

lol…you go, girl! This is from her blog:

“I am a Democrat, and have always been. I did not support 187 and I protested against it. I’m not a millionaire, and while Manolo Blahnik has designed some cute shoes, I don’t own any. I didn’t spend $2,000 on eyewear last year, and I can’t imagine being able to spend $10,000 on medical expenses. I have never lived in an 8,000 square foot house, with a twelve car garage…I’m from Oakland. I know what the ghetto is like. I know what crumbling public schools are like. I know what crime looks like. These aren’t things I’m just now learning about having decided to become a liberal halfway through my life.”

2 thoughts on “Georgy for Governor”

  1. virexmachina

    wow… i’d vote for her… except i’m pretty conservative…
    She sounds good though….

  2. Yes – I don’t know anything about her politics, and she’s too young, but in time? I think so. She’s smart, anyway.

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