spacegirl-small2-777670My taste in games tends to keep to the same genres that I like in both books and films. Oh, sure, there are exceptions, such as watching the occasional “chick flick” while refusing to read chick lit or *shudders* romances, and I fortunately haven’t played the game equivalent – what would that be? Sims?  Mainly, though, I like fantasy, magical realism, horror and science fiction. I tend not to watch, play or read anything war-related, with an exception for a few very good films.

A very good friend did us an enormous favor when we both lost our jobs: he loaned us complete collections of Stargate (original and Atlantis), Babylon 5 (which I’d never seen), and so on. A huge storage box full of sci fi for the unemployed, with things like Burn Notice and Supernatural as a bonus. :) I had totally missed Babylon 5 when it was originally shown, and after a weak start (I thought several of the actors in the first part of the series were as wooden as planks) it’s gotten quite interesting. Very interesting plotlines, some interesting characters, and although the show is quite old the cgi isn’t bad at all.

I think perhaps this immersion in sci fi shows has led to my becoming re-interested in EVE. At the moment, I’ve lost my taste for fantasy. Several of the fantasy MMOs that I’ve tried recently resulted in an immediate feeling of “I’ve done this before…too many times”.  So EVE has been the answer, being non-fantasy and much less structured than a traditional MMO. You may have to pick up and deliver the occasional birthday gift, but I haven’t seen any kill-ten-rats quests.

I’m still waiting for someone to come up with a really good horror/suspense MMO, which is part of the reason why I have such high hopes for the World of Darkness MMO that CCP is working on. Steampunk is another genre that I would like to see in an MMO. I could see a profession and crafting system being integral to a steampunk game – invention being a major theme in the genre. That could be fun, and then you would succeed or fail in your exploration and combat based on the strength of your inventions.  I quite like that – I enjoy good crafting systems, and this would make crafting a large part of the game experience.

And the series that I would most like to see as a game? Firefly, of course.  :) I wouldn’t have licensed it to Multiverse, though. As much I as like their platform, and have done some development work on it, they aren’t game developers in terms of creative projects. Fingers crossed, however.

And now, I hear a station agent calling…I think I need to go deliver another doll. Ah, well – it beats killing rats.

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  1. Do you know that when I was a teen I had SUCH a thing for Anne Bonny? I was working on a script about her life, and I think my parents are still storing for me a box of research, notes and pages xeroxed from every library book I could find. :)

  2. @TFM: Yeah, guys are simple creatures, easily distracted. Women know – we use it all the time to our advantage. Guys probably know this, but they don’t care because there’s, you know, boobs and stuff. It all works out. :P

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