Gaming and Giant Rats

Wonderland had a post this morning that I totally agree with, about girl gamers favouring action/horror games. That is exactly the type of game that I would buy. (The reason I don’t game, the reason I don’t join Phil on Warcraft or whatever, is that I hate the thought of locking myself into a computer or game console for another set of hours after spending all day locked into the computer at work. I need something different, or they may as well just jack me in, drill holes in my skull for the wires.) A MMORPG based on something like White Wolf’s universe, with all the different vampire/werewolf/etc. clans would be perfect. You would have combat, and clan alliances, and you would build your character’s wealth and skills. Perfect balance. I would LOVE a really, really scary, atmospheric game.

If I did start on Warcrack, I mean Warcraft, I would be a Rogue. :)

The use of the new rat icon proved a bit prophetic: Anansi, pissed off that Phil was trying to keep him from totally dismantling the door in the livingroom, whipped around an sank his huge teeth into his finger. It bled a lot, and is quite sore this morning. Sorry, Phil – my fault. :(

2 thoughts on “Gaming and Giant Rats”

  1. I really enjoy gaming, I like final fantasy/resident evil type things, but then I also like fighting and driving games but my attention span on those is really short. I also play Kingdom of loathing which does seem to have a pretty good mix of male and female players.

  2. Driving games would bore me (ok, I’d suck at them), but fighting games are good…especially since I found out that console games don’t make me sick, but computer games do. At Quake lan parties I could play for just twenty minutes or so, and then I’d have to sit out for awhile. Makes it tough.

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