Furry MMO

Now that we’re all cringing, let me explain.  :)

I was talking to a friend this weekend and said “You know what would be fun – a totally anthromorphic MMO where everyone played animals, like Duncton Wood or the Redwall books. Or Wind in the Willows. I love MMOs where you can play animal races (I was quite excited during my EQ2 trial to discover that I could play a rat person).

I think it would be fun – base every race around a logical extrapolation of how the animal characteristics would translate into “people”, and how they would interact with each other based around prey/predator interaction, etc. Balancing it would be interesting…being a bunny wouldn’t be much fun if you just got ganked by rogues foxes all the time.

But you know what would ruin my lovely little animal kingdom? All the damned furries, cybering away behind every bush. :D

4 thoughts on “Furry MMO”

  1. Well, there would have to be an artificial balance – rather like healing-class Taurens in WoW. So this gnome rogue runs up to a Tauren in AV, and proceeds to stunlock him and cut him to pieces. Realistically, wouldn’t the Tauren look down, laugh, and rip his little head off, healing class or no? :D

  2. Harmen, I know who you are. I’ll track you down and pull your ears off. And that’s not a euphemism for something nice. :P

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