Found a pretty good pagan joke on the community here. hehehe…

Via , check this out: Gollum Rap (Towers Are the Players).

We saw on the news last night that Helmut Newton had died in an auto accident. I always felt very ambivalent about his photography; granted, he is a master photographer, one of the best fashion photographers in the world. He always gave me the feeling, though, that he harboured a secret hatred of women. He photographed the most beautiful women in the world, many of them in the nude, and although technically superb work, he made them unattractive and cold. His images are both perfect and disturbingly, subtly, ugly at times.

I’ve always said that two different photographers could shoot the same woman with the same camera, lighting and pose, and she would look different for each one. There is a subtle connection that a photographer makes, and his vision of the subject is coloured by his personal view. It’s almost like the images that some psychics can imprint onto film (I forget what that is called). It’s a psychic connection that goes beyond the mechanics of camera, film, subject and light.

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  1. *giggles at the Gollum rap* Thanks for sharing!

    Interesting comments about Helmut’s work. He usually had sexual tones but never really seemed to insert any desire. Maybe that’s not what I mean… I suppose it was like he wanted the distance explicitly there between himself and his subjects. Like a scientist observing lab animals..? Or just an outsider looking in…

    His lighting is amazing though. :)

  2. Yes, he was a gorgeous photographer. And distance/lack of desire is a good translation of what I was describing as coldness, or a dislike of women. His fetish stuff was very good, though – like the photos of women wearing saddles, and all of the body brace/medical fetish stuff. He did “warped” and “kinky” very well.

  3. He did “warped” and “kinky” very well.

    *grins* Gee whizz… not that that’s why I’d like his stuff or anything. *innocent look*

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