Lizzie took an unscheduled solo run again today as I was trying to shut the gate behind us, a result of slamming her head into mine, wheeling around, and (realising that I had dropped the lead rope) taking off like the proverbial winged rodent out of the netherworld. At least she headed back for her stall and didn’t kill anyone on the way. She is making me insane.

It doesn’t look as though Kip is going to sell, as people are understandably put off by the shoulder fracture he had when he was three. Despite the fact that he healed sound, and has had absolutely no problem with it, they are nervous about paying a fair amount of money for a horse that has once had a serious injury. As I would be, as well, I suppose.

I think that, finances and energy permitting, I’ll keep Lizzie wrapped in cotton wool for one competitive season, and then sell her. Kip should be far enough along by then to be able to compete him, as he’ll have had the extra growing and maturing time that he needs. That’s the plan anyway…but the thought of trying to work, feed and muck out two horses in the night during the depths of winter is horrible. :( If I invest in rubber matting for the stalls, it would save money and time, so I suppose that might be an option.

Tired today, after shopping and errands and stable work and housework. I still have to go back for evening stables, and I should work Kip…although I probably won’t. I’m wiped out.

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  1. I don’t know – it’s one plan. ;) We need to talk. I mean, now that you’ve reached Level 60 on Warcraft, you’ll have the time to talk to me, right? :P

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