From BoingBoing: Angry liberal guy rant

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Angry liberal guy rant

A couple of years ago, C.B. Shapiro wrote a terrific proposal to allow the red states to secede from the blue states. He’s back again with a new piece, titled “Hark, the Angry Liberal Sings.”

There’s been some ink spilled lately denigrating so called ‘angry liberals,’ that is, people who have allegedly lost their right to be taken seriously because they are ‘angry.’ And they are ‘liberal.’

Well, I hereby declare myself a charter member in the ALC (Angry Liberal Club).

Sure, at first I felt guilty — what right do I have as a patriotic American to be angry? Or liberal? Oh, I tried to repress the ‘angry thing,’ I tried — if I was asked, I claimed I was a ‘peeved moderate.’ Or a ‘mildly upset centrist.’ But after much work through ‘BIT’ (Blog Immersion Therapy), I stopped feeling the shame. I’m coming out of the closet to announce I am an Angry Liberal Guy. And I am pissed.

You might be saying “Man, what are you so angry about, Angry Liberal Guy?”

I’ve compiled a short (and by no means complete) list just so I could see it all in one place:

I’m angry about the shredding of the constitution…illegal wiretaps…falsified intelligence…secret prisons… use of torture as an accepted means of interrogation…Terry Schiavo…the war on science…denial of Global Warming…the fascistic secrecy of our elected officials… presidential signings that declare the President above the law…the breakdown of the wall between church and state…the outing of a clandestine CIA agent for purely partisan political gain…the corrupting influence of K Street… the total sell-out of the legislative process to corporate interests… appointments of unqualified cronies at every level of government…Harriet Miers…Brownie…Abu Ghraib… Scooter …the complete mismanagement of the war in Iraq…the lies about the complete mismanagement of the war in Iraq…the grotesque budget deficits… the pathetic response to Katrina… a civil rights division dedicated to undermining civil rights…an environmental protection agency that refuses to protect the environment… (Take a breath, Angry Liberal Guy.)

And I’m angry about a smug, simple-minded, incompetent, unqualified President, and a press that denies the obvious fact that we have a smug, simple-minded, incompetent unqualified President.

If these things don’t make you angry, I have to ask — what the hell is the matter with you?

And what would it take to make you angry? — C.B. Shapiro

5 thoughts on “From BoingBoing: Angry liberal guy rant”

  1. hmm I must say that he hit pretty much every point that I feel as well.

    unfortunately I just take my anger out in the form of sarcasm in local IRC channels, or mutterings to myself on the drive to/from work, or a random “what the fuck!” with both hands in the air sort-of gesture, hehe.

    I would vote for Angry Guy in 2008.

  2. You know what? Politics might be shit everywhere, but at least in the UK, they seem more open about their shitness…. AND the press ride their asses all the way home!

    WTF is wrong with America? I mean, where the HELL would you start? (After Bush is history, where the fuck do we start the ‘mending’??) It annoys me more that the American public aren’t 1- angry and 2 – don’t seem to give a shit what goes on. It’s like they TOTALLY don’t ‘get’ that it’s affecting their lives and freedoms.

    Pig fuckers.

    I think I’m an Angry Liberal too…. but maybe I’m just Angry.

  3. wandringsoul

    Apathy and ignorance…

    Or should that be ignorance and apathy.

    Ignorance cos such a huge number of Americans believe what they see on Fox… and therefore are completely ignorant of what is actually happening in the US, and that the rest of the world exists, and apathy, due to the fact that the rest of the world is just ‘so far away’ it doesn’t really matter.

    The US is so scarily insular – if frightened me when I lived there, it frightens me more now.

  4. Yes, I think I’m just Angry, as well. I miss my family, and am looking forward to seeing them soon, but the thought of going back to the States even for a visit bothers me.

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