Friday…no, wait, shit, it’s only Wednesday

Hot day. Actually, it’s very nice outside, but it’s verr, verr hot inside the staffroom. I’m melting. Jo’s Evil Computer finally gave up the ghost, so she’s working in the Cyber Centre. Rather a grand name, but they do have air conditioning.

Free lunch today, which was a good thing. (End-of-term buffet for staff.) I asked Mark, our unpaid student Web Assistant, if he wanted to go, and he declined. He said if he wanted free food, he could eat at home, which I guess is one of the differences between being young and living with your parents and being a grownup and living on your own: ain’t no free food in MY kitchen! lol…

I feel as though I’ve drifted through this week, and I really hate that feeling. I get unhappy if I don’t have a purpose in life, challenges to overcome, etc. I hate just passing the time. I know I tend to be very over-excitable and intense about things, but in a way that’s a good thing – it ensures that I always have new passions, new things to learn. I’m now living in another country, for example, and loving every minute of it. I became a web designer in my late thirties, after several different careers. I experienced my first mosh pit at 35 or 36. I went to a rave with my daughter. At 42, I’m learning about things like ASP and working with relational databases. I’m going to start learning Portuguese so that I can spend some time taking dressage lessons in Portugal. I don’t ever want to feel middle-aged.

Oh, well…back to work. There is, after all, no free lunch. ;)

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