Friday…and House Updates

It’s Friday, and less than an hour to go. *bounce*

I walked by a house that I really liked today at lunch. It looked big, but grim, in the estate agent’s leaflet, but it was very nice “in person.” It was in a section of big, brick houses, set back from the street with paved parking in front, large lawn/garden behind. Not very exciting on the outside, but a lot of room. I have a VERY good feeling about it.

We probably won’t be able to get in to see it until next week, but we gave the estate agent all numbers and pleaded with her to have the owner call us. :)

Looking forward to getting off work, going home, letting the weasels out for a bit, and then kicking back with burritos, a movie, and a bottle of wine. Curling up on the couch with Phil. Trying not to fucking scratch. Grrrr…still itchy.

Counting down the minutes…

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