We went to see Moby play in Stoke last night, along with some of the guys that Phil works with. It was a great show. He’s a lot more high-energy onstage than I would have thought, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good crowd, too, not many jerks. Good energy, good vibes.

I was reading through some of the entries on his site, and was struck by this one:

11/6/2002 – Rotterdam
utterly depressing.
republicans now control the house and the i guess we’ll see the alaskan wildlife reserve opened up for oil drilling. and we’ll see more subsidies for oil, coal, nuclear, and natural gas producers. and we can give up any hope of gun-control legislation. and the national endowment for the arts will probably cease to exist. and money for aids research will be cut drastically. money for education will be cut drastically as well, well, money for inner-city, non-faith-based education will be cut, that is. the next 2 years will be great years for christian fundmentalists,energy companies, cattle ranchers, timber companies, gun owners, the arms industry, etc. like i said, the election results are utterly depressing.
and i guess this means that bush and company are going to be invading iraq as soon as the opportunity presents itself. unless the idea of invading iraq was just a ploy to deflect domesticcriticism of the bush administration in a bid to win the mid-term elections.
i dunno. it’s a bad time to be an american.

I SO agree! It is a weird feeling, to feel so ashamed of my country. We always thought of ourselves as the “good guys” in the world…and now we’re shaping up to be major baddies, war-hungry and isolationist. I feel sorry for everyone that I care about, left behind in a country facing such bad times. The news has been full of the new big brother/spy system, which will be cataloguing data on all Americans – to “combat terrorism.” Yeah, right. Like terrorists are using MasterCards to buy explosive. Jesus.

It is a bad time to be an American.

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