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  1. wandringsoul

    Well…ever wondered why Friday the 13th is such a bad day?

    Apparently – it stems from the day that Pope Pius the somethingth jailed (and summarily executed) the entire Knights Templar, leaving them to ‘curse the very day’…

    There’s a few theories, some of them here:


    But the Knights Templar one seems to hold the most basis for fact, and is the one that crops up the most.

    Speaking of Templar Knights – from the 12th – 14th Century – we have, I believe, 4 buried in one of the churchyards in Biddulph…

  2. You know… The number 13 has been a highly significant number in my life. Decide for yourself if it is good or bad:

    I lost my virginity on November 13th (we won’t mention a year). Come to think of it, why does one say “lost it”? I didn’t lose it. I know exactly where it went.

    The father of my child’s was born on July 13th. We got together on August 13th. I think the events surrounding the eventual birth of my only biological child are fairly important, no?

    On the day I interviewed for this job, my boss revealed that his employee number is 13. He took it because he knew others might be superstitious and he’s not. I was hired on the spot and have been here for 8 years. I’m pretty sure I’ll be here for 13 :P.

    I know there are many, many other instances of 13 being significant – it’s only my horrid memory that prevents me from relaying them.

    Buying a first home is a pretty significant thing. In my book, this is the perfect day. Best of luck to you :).

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