*friday dance*

Note to self:

As an American working in a multinational/multicultural environment, please never assume anything. Just because the agency referred to the new developer by a certain name, don’t assume that they know what his first name is. Don’t call him by said name all morning, and do expect to be embarrassed when he says “You know, xxxx is actually my family name. I prefer to be called Sabih.” Ooops.

Next time, just say “look, mate, I’ve no idea which in this list of five names on your CV is actually your first name – what do you want to be called?” lol…

Other than that, things are going well, and we are on our way to fame and fortune.

2 thoughts on “*friday dance*”

  1. *laughs* Like my assumption that one of our S.African staff called Lee was a man…Lee is a 50+ year old grandmother. Oops!

  2. lol…I did that once with a French guy named Stephane. (Ignore the fact that I left out all of the forwards- and backwards-accent thingies.) I totally assumed he was a girl. :)

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