Freebie Friday: Yeah, It’s Thursday

I was feeling a bit blue today so I thought I’d take a minute to add another free stock image. Sometimes the news and social media combine to present an overwhelming picture of an increasingly bleak, hateful world and that wears on me. I think it wears on us all. I’m limited in supporting change with time and money, so this is one of my very small offerings to try to make the world a bit less hateful. Here you go, free stuff – have fun with it and write some diverse characters to give girls everywhere hope for the future.


Personal or commercial use for art or the creation of book covers permitted. Re-sale as stock, or re-sale without change, is prohibited.

1 thought on “Freebie Friday: Yeah, It’s Thursday”

  1. Tiana LaGrone

    Hey Ravven,

    Tiana here. I love you! I’m taking this one :D. P.S. I’m still working on that other series ;).

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