Free Cover Giveaway 2018

I’m going to continue this contest again this year: email me a short description of your project (something that will be published within the coming year, please!). Rules, background and a description of the type of book I’m looking for are located here.

Now more than ever the world needs diverse books and characters in all the glorious range that human beings exist in, and I think it is important that that diversity is represented visually on the cover. Everything we see contributes to our perception of the world, and that representation has been narrow in past years. It needs to change, and this is why I try to do my very small part to make the world a better place.

This is NaNoWriMo month, and NaNo projects are welcome. Open to all fiction genres.

This is the type of information that I would need for the winning covers:

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4 thoughts on “Free Cover Giveaway 2018”

  1. I would love to enter this contest! (posting on this one is correct, right?)

    Info on the project:
    An adult/new adult zombie survival book. Stand alone.
    I don’t really have any thoughts on the cover, other than that I want it gritty, and I want the MC on it.
    Title: Survival Kit
    Author; A. H. Haga

    The reason I think it could fit in this contest: the MC is a 26yo woman in a wheelchair.
    Kit (MC) has a short pixie cut coloured green, and is rather pale from years spent mostly indoors. She wears jeans and t-shirts or tank tops, and Doc. Martin combat boots, and is in a wheelchair.

    This book is about her and her partner fighting their way from the city where they live and to a cabin on an island where they think they have everything they need to survive.
    It is an important book for me, to prove that people in wheelchairs stand just as good a chance at surviving as others, and has just as much right to live and be respected as full humans despite being different.

  2. Kima Blazewood

    I would love to enter this contest!
    Have this series I’m working on, but will enter with just book 1 for now and buy the rest of them later if I win ;)

    NA paranormal horror, planned to be four books – I still need to write the last one but the others are almost ready to go.
    Things to have on the cover:
    Title: CURSE OF A NAME
    Author: Kima Blaze

    The MC is part Native American, actually with much the same coloring as the girl in your banner. Blue/green eyes and the same color skin as your girl. Also has dark brown almost black hair cut to about shoulder length.
    That’s the only diverse thing about her in book 1. In book 2 she starts falling back into a relationship with her first partner – Sara. This evolves toward a poly relationship in book 3 and 4 with Sara and her boyfriend accepting Lizzie (MC) into their relationship.
    In book 3 Lizzie also face a lot of judgement and fear because of her powers as a necromancer. She hasn’t done anything bad with it, but a lot of people fear her just based on their own misunderstanding of the powers, which can turn catastrophic.

    I do realize these things won’t have anything to do with the cover in question, buuuut I got a little carried away ^^’
    Book 1 is mostly filled with ghosts and horror and Lizzie having to deal with this alone.
    I don’t really have any ideas about what to do with the cover, but I’m picturing something dark, maybe with Lizzie alone on the cover and something reaching for her from the shadows or something.

    Do you have a date set for when you draw the winner?

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