For the Horde!

EzrulieI had a lot of fun this weekend with the new belf hunter that I started on a whim (leatherworker/skinner) because she needs to support herself (no rich older sibling Horde-side), and because they’re definitely the easiest class to solo. She’s almost twenty, and when she is I think I’ll go to Ashenvale and tame a ghost saber for her. She’s the blondest, cutest, meanest, skinniest girl ever. I named her Ezrulie, after the vodoun loa, goddess of lust/love.

This is the first chance I’ve had to experience any of the blood elf quests or starting areas – I had tried the initial starting area, but it was all a bit too brightly-coloured and Candyland for me. Once you leave that area, it’s much nicer.

This morning she turned in the quest that results in Lady Sylvana singing…gods, was that gorgeous. One thing that I’ve always admired about the game is the music – most of it can stand on its own, and this one made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Superb.

Friday night we had a guild run to BWL, which I didn’t mind doing since I’ve always really like it as an instance – very well designed. I would rather put my eyes out than ever go to AQ20 or AQ40 again, but BWL should still be enjoyable. We couldn’t make it past the first boss. I’ve only been in raiding guilds…I hadn’t thought how much of a shock it would be for non-raiders. We hadn’t a hope of doing it.

On her continuing quest for the Sonic Spear, Kit went on another pug to Shadow Labs. I have no idea how many hours I was actually in there, but I missed going to the stable and calling my mother for Mother’s Day – I was so stressed and angry by the time I got out that I never thought about it. Horrible, horrible run.

Miz made 70 last night on her Draenei shaman…gratz! :)

And that was my weekend.

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