Food Pron

Last night I went on a girls night out with quite a few of the people from the old barn, and had a wonderful time – although I got home way too late.

For starters I had ground chicken in spices wrapped and cooked in panang leaves, followed by the most gorgeous grilled pork with tamarind sauce. Omigod…food heaven. I love Thai food.

Before I left that barn, one of the horses had a fracture very similar to the one that Kip had. She had a puncture that went through the webbing on her rug into the stifle area, where the fracture occured. They trailered her to the veterinary centre in Liverpool, where she spent two weeks as they did surgeries to remove bone fragments and fight infections, and I just heard that her owner just had to make the decision to put her down. She was a gorgeous mare, a dun (buckskin, we would say in the States) Connemara with coin-gold eyes like a goat. Very striking.

There must be something out in the pastures, buried in deep in the woods – metal bars or pipes, or some kind of long bolt on an old gatepost. Very strange.

I’m having a lazy morning, as the parent company that I work for needs a document delivered in the town where we live; having a bit of a lie-in has been nice, especially after last night. *s*

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  1. I know the woods near my dad have all sorts of nasty metal bits in them, we have even found old badger traps out there, then there is the problem that people dump stuff. Maybe someone can go and do a look around see if there is anything obvious.

    I love thai food too, I should post my recipe for apple salad, if you like spicy it is divine.

  2. Hi, I found your journal through a search for African Giant Pouched Rats. I see you live in the UK and have a couple. I’m really wanting to get a couple and was wondering whereabouts you got yours from? Thank you :o)

  3. Hi! We got ours from an animal rescue in Scotland, which we found via the net. They’d originally been imported from Germany as a breeding pair, but they never bred, so they ended up at the rescue. I’ve never known anyone else who had them – they’re very, very difficult to find. Good luck!

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