Flying Chicken


I haven’t quite learned the trick of making ISK in EVE. Obviously you can, since things cost millions and millions of ISK, but I’ve worked hard over the past few days to make 7-8 million. Mining is one way, of course, but it bores me to tears (this from a person who quite enjoys fishing in Wow, go figure). I do make a fair bit by salvaging after missions, which is nice, but I think you have to be a bit more market-savvy (or less lazy) than I am and haul everything to where the buyers are, rather than just selling in your local area.

It’s part of the reason why I’m terrified of losing my one good ship, a Harbinger. I ran like a mouse one day because a certain Deutschbadboy was “following” me. Well, I went through seven jumps and he was behind me on each one, and then I cut and ran like a pussy to the nearest moon while he probably continued on his merry, innocent way.  :D  I admit it, I’m a big chicken, and buying and fitting that ship cost a lot.

So, I kitted out a couple of the inexpensive ships I had, a Punisher and an Omen, and will be flying those a bit more. They’re disposable, and probably a damned sight faster than the tubby Harbinger. Oh, sure, she has a lot of firepower, but salvaging everything afterwards is painful, as she waddles from ship to ship. And thank god for drones, since they kill most NPCs before I can get in range and targeted.

I think I have to admit that I’m a hopeless noob when it comes to EVE.  :D

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  1. You know, I’ve been reading your struggles in EVE, and seriously, if you won’t consider the Hellcats, consider joining the Minmatar war effort with me.

    You aren’t forced to LFG in EVE, in fact far from it, but what you will find is that to be profitable you must minimize time spent, whether it’s PVP looting, mission salvage, market trades, there are lots of ways to make ISK in EVE.

    Mynxee and I are chatting via IM right now, fighting over who wants you more!

    Was visiting Very cool. I am sure you will be an asset to whichever corp you decide to join.

    At the least, at least one of us give you some pointers to life in New Eden ok?

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