Flood Warnings

News flash: it rained today. :P

Kip has been refusing to each the last batch of hay that we drove all over Staffordshire to find, so I left him turned out in the small paddock. After I left, he jumped out; fortunately, someone managed to catch him and throw him in his stall. I guess he’s feeling better. ;)

So, lacking hay for him and being at the end of my patience, I wrapped him in his thickest rug, put tendon and knee boots on him, and turned him out back into the big gelding’s pasture. No serious kicking, at least before we left, but they did do a lot of running around like idiots. Fortunately he let me catch him so that I could take the protective gear off. He’s very happy now, and I hope the shoulder stays intact.

Work was ok this morning, mainly because I sicked out and came back home. I feel as though my throat is lined with broken glass and there is a fat person sitting on my chest. :( Blech. Phil came home sick, as well, and we both slept all afternoon.

Not much else to tell. I still haven’t answered any of my email. I need to write my family and let them know that I am still alive.

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  1. HE’S FREE!!! *giggle* Oh no! I hope he doesn’t go nuts. :)

    I hope you both feel better soon. *sends healing hugs and hot toddies*

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