I had a wonderful time working Lizzie tonight. She was higher than a kite, in season, snapped at me several times while I was tacking her up, refused to walk without prancing…and then we flew. :) I figured that she needed to work off some steam, so I let her go a bit in the canter. She just lengthened that amazingly long stride and went into what I suppose I’d call a hand canter…for her. She was on the bit, not strung out, moving smoothly, and then I realised how fast everything was whipping by. The letters were blurs as we passed them. This is seriously the fastest horse I’ve ever sat on, with NO effort, she just flows. After that she was able to calm down, and we did some serious work.

She is the best teacher I’ve ever had. If I’m not giving her what she expects, she won’t cut me any slack; she’s quite capable of running away or whatever. But as soon as I get it right (weight in the elbows, don’t lock my damn elbows, put a bit more weight in that outside stirrup) she responds immediately. I can tell when I’ve fixed something. *s* SUCH a great feeling.

I took Thursday, Friday and Monday off. Work has been extremely weird, very tense atmosphere. The new person that was hired to manage product, forecasting, etc., I think is angling for my boss’s job. I’m on her bad side for denying her the ability to make the changes in the site navigation that she wants to. She has no web experience, and (worse) no desire to wait and learn. She takes projects that my team has been working on for a long time and presents them as her own ideas, which makes me crazy.

So, work hasn’t been a lot of fun. Time to (finally) work on the CV and get that up to date.

Phil sent me this link, so I thought I’d share. NOT worksafe – weird Japanese vending machine porn items. Very bizarre.

2 thoughts on “Floating”

  1. catwithclaws

    oh my unholy lord that link is VERY disturbing! need to go look at some nice pictures of nature or something to feel OK again.

    As for Lizzie, I’m so glad you are clicking with her — she definitely has good traits to make the rest of her oddities worth while :)

  2. Hahahaha, that was nasty, wasn’t it? Especially the creepy little-girl figures that were squatting to pee, etc. Nasty stuff.

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