Flip side of Spring

After the wonderful day, the evening was less than great. Kip was a hormonal basket case, totally convinced that he was still a stallion and all the mares were slavering slut-monkeys worshipping his rampant maleness. Ok, so he was acting like a regular guy – still, he was a pain in the ass. All the other horses were feeling the spring in the air, as well: we had loose horses, geldings mounting mares in pasture, horses screaming everywhere. I slipped on the concrete ramp while I was mucking Kip’s stall and fell, hard. I lost my glasses, and someone had to help me find them (under a pile of spilled shavings and horseshit) because I am blind without them. I walked past Kip with his evening feed and he raised a hind hoof at me as though he was going to kick, so I smacked him hard. A small child walking three feet behind me ran and told his mother that Kipper tried to kick him. Mother of god…not a great day.

Then, when I got home, to top it all off, I find a very official letter from the Home Office saying that, as part of the new immigration procedures, I would have to undergo naturalization training and take a test in order to stay in the country (translators provided if necessary), to the tune of GBP 1,400.00. I started to cry, which horrified Phil, as the freaking idiot had sent it as an April Fool’s joke. Phil, I will kill you later.

I need to go and have some vodka now. And read a happy book. Something about fluffy kittens and squirrels living in the forest together, cute animals KILLING each other in inventive ways a la Happy Tree Friends. :) Yeah, that’s the ticket.

6 thoughts on “Flip side of Spring”

  1. That is so NOT funny! Besides, you can hold it over his head for AGES that it was delivered on the WRONG DAY! Durrrr!

    *makes you a hot cocoa and runs you a nice smelly bath and gives you a big hug* :)

  2. I found something I wrote for you the other day. I think you might like it. I’ll try to remember to post it in Spiraldance tonight when I get home.

    I miss you.

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough day.


  3. Thanks you. :) I think that’s why I didn’t even connect that it was an April Fool’s joke – it was the wrong day! Bad Phil.

  4. Yeah, yeah – bad me…but hey – the postman comes late…so it would have been past midday April 1st…so I thought earlier rather than better!

    THe letter was (I thought) so absurd that she’d see straight through it immediately!

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