Flip side of Spring

After the wonderful day, the evening was less than great. Kip was a hormonal basket case, totally convinced that he was still a stallion and all the mares were slavering slut-monkeys worshipping his rampant maleness. Ok, so he was acting like a regular guy – still, he was a pain in the ass. All the other horses were feeling the spring in the air, as well: we had loose horses, geldings mounting mares in pasture, horses screaming everywhere. I slipped on the concrete ramp while I was mucking Kip’s stall and fell, hard. I lost my glasses, and someone had to help me find them (under a pile of spilled shavings and horseshit) because I am blind without them. I walked past Kip with his evening feed and he raised a hind hoof at me as though he was going to kick, so I smacked him hard. A small child walking three feet behind me ran and told his mother that Kipper tried to kick him. Mother of god…not a great day.

Then, when I got home, to top it all off, I find a very official letter from the Home Office saying that, as part of the new immigration procedures, I would have to undergo naturalization training and take a test in order to stay in the country (translators provided if necessary), to the tune of GBP 1,400.00. I started to cry, which horrified Phil, as the freaking idiot had sent it as an April Fool’s joke. Phil, I will kill you later.

I need to go and have some vodka now. And read a happy book. Something about fluffy kittens and squirrels living in the forest together, cute animals KILLING each other in inventive ways a la Happy Tree Friends. :) Yeah, that’s the ticket.


  • purrthecat

    That is so NOT funny! Besides, you can hold it over his head for AGES that it was delivered on the WRONG DAY! Durrrr!

    *makes you a hot cocoa and runs you a nice smelly bath and gives you a big hug* :)

  • owlslight

    I found something I wrote for you the other day. I think you might like it. I’ll try to remember to post it in Spiraldance tonight when I get home.

    I miss you.

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough day.


  • uathsaille

    Thanks you. :) I think that’s why I didn’t even connect that it was an April Fool’s joke – it was the wrong day! Bad Phil.

  • wandringsoul

    Yeah, yeah – bad me…but hey – the postman comes late…so it would have been past midday April 1st…so I thought earlier rather than better!

    THe letter was (I thought) so absurd that she’d see straight through it immediately!

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