Flesh & Blood

NOT looking forward to tomorrow, when I go back to work. My boss (thankfully) just sent me two mails with about five thousand attachments each regarding the first day’s meetings with the US and Canadian offices regarding their bitches about the sites. I’m going to be presenting the parts about the construction, layout, navigation, search and other functionality of the sites. I.e., standing up in front of the group for everyone to take potshots at…fair enough, I’m responsible, but it’s going to be a bloodbath.

So many things that they want for their specific markets, which I’m not about to do because of manpower, web standards, software constraints, etc. Lots of bitching about the Bridal/Gift Registry section, which I’ve been saying all along is totally non-functional, and I am presently in the process of tearing that apart. Lots of other stuff about projects that were promised to the top brass, so we had to deliver on them, which undeniably took time and resources away from other areas that I would have liked to spend them on (like the registry).

Add to that the person who I think is trying to backstab my boss, who wants to take over the web team, and it’s going to be neither pretty nor enjoyable. I think most of this has been created behind the scenes by her influence. *sigh* As if things weren’t hard enough.

I’d better go check on the pinstripe suit, make sure that’s wearable for tomorrow. It’s definitely a power suit day.

8 thoughts on “Flesh & Blood”

  1. Slip a pill in her coffee, watching her trying to compose herself in a meeting whilst she is off her tits would be a good laugh. It is a shame that realistically you can’t do it. Fun to think about for a while though. Good luck with it all.

  2. Good luck hon. If it gets REALLY nasty, just think that they poo too. :) That always brings people back down to a reasonable level. ;)

  3. Good Luck!

    Hmm, to combine the two comments above–I’ve heard rumors that brownies spiked with chocolate Ex-Lax can have “interesting” effects on such people as deserve it… of course, you can’t guarantee that no-one else would get one as well…. *sigh*

  4. cadavre__exquis

    Yay! The joys of working in the web design/development business.

    Do you have unbiased sources to fall back on in making your arguments? Such as usability testing reports, click-throughs, whatnot?

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