First Steps Into Naxx

On Sunday we made our first foray into Naxx. (I’ll have to post screenshots later, but I’ll have to do that from home.) It was awesome: it felt a lot like Undercity, very cool and spooky. We had decided to try the Death Knights wing as a first step, and the initial trash mobs weren’t bad at all…until we made it to Instructor Razuvious.

From 4pm until 8pm we wiped, and I ended the evening with a repair bill of over 22g. Yep…for a clothie. One of our (new) warriors who had died a lot had an initial repair bill on the field bot of 35g – no idea what his final tally was. But hey, it’s only money, right?

It’s a very technical fight, with our priests having to learn tanking skills (they mind-control his students in rotation, which are used to tank the boss). For the rest of us, it was a line-of-sight fight much like Chromaggus, ducking in and out.

I think he had a special hard-on for me, since every time we tried to run for the stairs (when it was clear that we were going to fail) he would almost invariably target me. Once I was standing in a hidden nook with one of the mages, and he ran up, swatted me, and ran off. He must not have seen me pointing at her: “Take her! Take her!” lol…

Overall though, it was a lot of fun. With each death, I just kept thinking “at least we’re not in AQ40 tonight”.

In other news, I just discovered Alterac Valley with Kit. I freakin’ love it. How could I have gone this long without going into AV? It’s like a raid instance…except fun. There are quest to complete, and shiny rewards to be won, and it feels more “real” than the capture-the-flag stuff in WSG does. It feels like a real battle. I’m hooked. :D

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