First Meeting…

“Oooh,” I said. “You’re so strong for a girl. Gorgeous muscle here, just along the thigh – do you mind if I touch? Thank you. Don’t worry…I LIKE a big ass. Smooth skin, like velvet. Such gorgeous, soft, dark eyes, with long eyelashes that most women would kill for. You are SO beautiful.”

She just looked at me, and then softly breathed against my neck.

I laughed. “Stop it – your whiskers are tickling me!”

She snorted, and looked away over the fields.

Yes, most people would say she’s a horse. Which she is, of course…sixteen hands of bay thoroughbred/Irish Draught muscled gorgeousness. lol…we drove all the way to a farm near Tamworth, horsehunting. Got completely lost on the way, as I was navigating by a ten-year-old map. (“Oh, crap – that sign just said that we’re almost in Nottingham!”) I went to see another horse, actually, a dappled grey TB, who unfortunately didn’t meet expectations; the owner mentioned a very nice horse for sale at the place next door, and (fickle slut that I am) we were off. And there she was.

I know we can’t afford it. Horses aren’t cheap pets, by any means…and if I somehow become unemployed we can hardly hide her in the back garden. But she was wonderful. I do have some money coming in from the last freelance web job, which would cover most of it, and I’m sure that we could come up with the last 600 or so somehow. Maybe I could rent Phil out. He’s worth quite a fair price – it’s what he does best. Hmmmnnn…no, stop it.

I have photos, which I will post later…not that anyone but me cares! *my precious* But now I need to go and warm up…I’m still frozen from standing in the wind and rain on cold, muddy hillsides.

PS: Forgot to tell you, we passed a sign for a village called Netherseal. How great is that? Are all the inhabitants tight-arsed? *g*

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  1. wandringsoul

    Hmph!! Flattery will get you nowhere!

    Oh, well…actually…flattery will probably get you pretty much anywhere!

    : )

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