First Karazhan

MidnightFinally- our first Karazhan run!  I can’t express what a relief this was to finally do this.  We wiped a great deal, of course – but that was expected.  And by the end of the night, Attumen was down, to much celebration.

I think we’re all a bit slow and sloppy after not raiding for so long.  We need better gear, and need to be on top of our game.  (I could see one hunter standing there like a spare, rather than dps-ing – smack!)  But it will come.  There are a ton of people trying to complete attunement, and soon we should have enough for two Kara runs.

I have a new lust object – Midnight, Attumen’s horse, which is a very rare drop (along the lines of the Baron’s mount).  I want.  I want so very much.

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