First Flights in Eve, and Revisiting Naxx

First, the bad: I’m working at home this week because there just isn’t enough going on right now to keep any of us busy, and again we haven’t been paid. Preparing to scramble for contract work, as well as getting my CV/portfolio ready, etc. Again.

Second, the interesting: I’ve been having a lot of fun on my EVE Online trial. I’m totally lost (I read a post where the learning curve was described as “vertical”, and that’s a fair assessment), and I’ve lost one ship so far. Miz has re-activated an old account with a lot of ISK on it and has been helping me out enormously. It’s not as active as Warcraft, since a lot of what you do seems to be travelling. Training takes a long time, but fortunately it continues even if you are logged off. I’ll continue playing over the weekend, and see if I want to start a subscription (although it is current a BAD time to add another game subscription).

Third, the silly: our guild had a fun night where we did Naxxramas with 15-20 people. It was fun, I got to see a lot of bosses that I missed the first time around, and it was actually challenging. Challenging enough to wipe us several times, and one boss we actually gave up on. (The patchwork dog thing, I forget what his name was – we didn’t have enough mages and the skellies made it impossible.)

Some shots from the evening, and misc silly talk:

One of our hunters went running off to have a peek in the spider wing

Wiping on Razuvious

General guild silliness

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