3 thoughts on “Firefox 3…fail”

  1. your query also matches “I switched to firefox 3, and had no crashes at all”, “Today I installed firefox 3, which works like a charm, and bought an iPhone which crashes all the time”…

    If you want to search for pages which contain the expression (not just the words), put the search term in quotes:

    -> Results 1 – 10 of about 12,900 for “firefox 3 crashes”. (0.34 seconds)

    Suddenly looks different, doesn’t it?
    I’m very content with the new firefox :)

  2. lol – yes, that’s a better set of results. :D It’s driving me crazy right now, continual crashes during the day which means that all the windows that I have open, search results and logged-in sites and running the site on my local environment all go boom. The only addons that I use are Web Developer and FireFTP – not sure if its those that are causing the crashes.

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