Final Fantasy XIV for New or Returning Players

I’ve spent some time working on a FFXIV guide for beginner players or returning players, which is located here: Getting Started in FFXIV. You all know I love the game, but there is a lot to it which can be confusing or daunting to players who haven’t tried the game – there is depth and complexity to the game, which I love, but there is a reason all of the “What I wish I knew when I first played” lists exist!

This won’t help you to min/max a character, or master any of the dungeons or instances, as there are many guides out there written by much more competent players than I. This is more of a dummies guide to things which make the game easier and more accessible.

Join us…you know you want to. :)


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV for New or Returning Players”

  1. This is by far my favorite game, though I did jump in for Kickstarter with Ashes of Creation. The gripe I have is their gating of content. I recently invited a friend into the game, even offered to pay for her sub, but the moment she realized she was going to have to go through all of ARR, and all of HW JUST to get to Stormblood, she backed out. That’s waaaay too much for a starting player (someone with limited time & income) to invest in 3 expansions, coming in to play with friends who are already max level 60 and ready for the expansion.

  2. That’s too bad, but you can’t blame her. I know that FF is all about the story, which is why you’re required to do all of this, but damn I wouldn’t want to be a new player right now. There is SO much to get through.

    Sorry for tweetbombing you earlier – I was on my phone and it doesn’t show which tweet you’re replying to. PITA.

  3. You can purchase items on mog statioN to fast track progress through the main story; if you really wanted to.

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