I just stumbled across a really great Spanish word on a blog: ferreteria, no translation given. My Spanish, after all these years of non-use aside from translating curse words in movies for Phil (“What she said literally translates to ‘you whore of shit’, that’s colourful”) is weak, so I had to look it up.

It actually means hardware, probably a store that sells hardware, according to the online dictionary that I looked the word up on. I don’t care…to me the word immediately conjured up visions of ferrets.

Wouldn’t it be great? We could go down to the local ferreteria to look at the ferrets. Ferrets playing in dryer tubes, hiding socks, doing the Weasel War Dance at each other, sitting paw-in-paw at the ferreteria lunch counter, sipping on raw egg malteds.

I love it.

2 thoughts on “Ferreteria”

  1. I was just picturing all the ferrets, lined up to get lunch at the ferreteria, with their little trays in their hands. I googled those words, and am delighted to see that the truth is known.

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