Feeling Like Spring

This morning I got a quick note from Phil saying that he “forgot” to tell me, but he’s going to be out all day. *sigh* Whatever…

But back to the title subject: even though we are indisputably heading towards winter, I have a very springlike feeling this morning. I was walking to work, wearing my long black coat, wobbling a bit on my very high suede shoes (which are NOT meant for cobbles!) and I was suddenly, inexplicably, happy. I want to be in love. I want to feel joy again. I want to trace a hand over the curve of my hip and smile, remembering being kissed right there. I miss being in love. I miss being happy, on a high. I want something to think about aside from work problems and bad code and struggling with databases.

I want spring. I’ve had months and months of winter. I am SO ready for spring.

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