Feeling kind of Christmassy…that’s scary…

I just went for a long walk through our small town, looking for used paperbacks to feed my book hunger and enjoying some people-watching. Some years I don’t feel any holiday spirit at all, but today I really started to feel happy about the holidays coming up. The town centre was decorated with lights, and even though it was raining, everyone was very pleasant. I love the shopkeepers here…even the sour-crabapple old woman who has the tiny corner shop had decorated for Christmas, and in every shop I would hear things like “There you go, love. Stay warm, filthy weather out there.” So nice. Even the Christmas music didn’t piss me off as it normally does.

lol…Phil had sent me this yesterday. www.pledgebank.com/yayboris. Yaay, Boris! He hadsn’t a hope in hell, but god would he be amusing. The only politician I’ve ever seen with an actual personality and sense of humour.

Lizzie got me pretty good today. I was grooming her, and she whipped around to bite me; I sidestepped and shook my finger at her. Bad Lizzie! She obviously took offense to this, because she snaked her head around again and tried to bite my finger off. She got the back of my hand, fortunately. Evil little bitch. :)

We’re finally going to go see Harry Potter tonight. Yippee! First we have to go and search for XBox 360 games, because Phil got his, but doesn’t have any games for it. He’s been sulking on Warcraft all day instead.

Finally, I brought a load of tack home to clean and put on eBay. Even my precious Bates Caprilli GP. *sigh* If I don’t find work soon, the trailer will be the next thing to go. Poo.

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