Farewell to WoD (For Now)

I just decided to cancel my Warcraft subscription again. I fully admit that I am one of “those” players, the ones who come back for every expansion, play to level cap, and then eventually quit. I no longer raid, and there just isn’t enough to hold my interest without raiding.

There are garrisons, to be sure, and they were a lot of fun in the beginning on the first character. Third alt in? Not so much fun, as it turns out, as well as being a massive timesink. Of course you don’t have to do anything with your garrison…but after you have them it seems a bit silly to not gather those resources.

I miss professions. On my leatherworker I hate the daily wait to have someone else create mats for me. I like levelling professions, and in the past have spent hours happily grinding for leather and so on. This isn’t as much fun.

It always makes me a bit sad to cancel as Warcraft has been a part of my life (on and off) for ten years. Who would have imagined spending so much time in a game? I’ve had marriages that have lasted less time than that. :D

6 thoughts on “Farewell to WoD (For Now)”

  1. Yeah I am the same. I have a busy family and raising them and writing my books and pottering with art are much more important to me than finding raid time.

    I loved the 90-100 journey but once I hit LFR I had a big WTF am I doing this for.

    Resubbed to final fantasy 14 with all the bloggers on cactar and having a ball.

  2. I’ve seen people mentioning Cactuar on Twitter and I admit that I was tempted. But I’ve rolled on US servers before and I always felt as though I missed out on guild events and so on by being in a different timezone. Still… :)

    I am loving FFXIV so much right now, by the way!

  3. I’m one of “those” players, too, lol. But my daughter is now in a casual raiding guild (like, super casual to the point of almost falling apart) and I’m leveling a priest, since they are always low on healers. And I love raid healing. So we’ll see how long MoD can hold me.

    And frankly, since I don’t have time to craft things or level professions (ok, I’m still fishing and cooking) it’s suiting my busy life at the moment.

    Still – I live in hope for the day WoW2 is released! If they are even working on that~

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