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I’ve been thinking about trying Fallen Earth. I’m playing Warcraft very casually, but I’ve seen all of the content so many times that I simply cannot do it again, or at least spend a lot of time doing the same quests. I’m still playing Aion, and without the pressure to level it’s much better, but I know the wall is there and quite honestly that bothers me. And other MMOs? Well…

Warhammer is a consideration. I’ve always had a ton of fun there. I just wish that I could convince friends and family to give it a try.  :(

EVE Online is another option…I may re-sub, but if I don’t do any PvP I’m kind of faced with mining and missions and ….well, meh.

If the new expansion was live for Age of Conan, I’d definitely re-sub. I think it sounds awesome.

No release date on Star Trek yet. If it’s reasonably soon, then that’s the decision made right there.  :)

LotRO calls, but each time I’ve played it I’ve been left rather cold.

Darkfall? No way…I’m too much of a weenie. Kill me and take all my toys away and I’m likely to cry like a little girl.

Hmmnn…..anyway, Fallen Earth. I like the idea of sandbox-type games, as long as you don’t find yourself wandering aimlessly for ages without being able to find anything to do – which I understand is an issue with Fallen Earth. I don’t need my hand held, but if I somehow manage to miss all the content, I’m not going to sub. But it would be nice to have a change from fantasy-based games.

Decisions, decisions.  :D

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  1. From a few reviews:

    “Lacking AI and poor graphics. No immediate story lead in after tutorial.”

    “- Fun factor is totally missing. This game seems to be based on crafting for the most part. You spend a lot of time scavenging for parts to craft stuff. While some people may enjoy this, most FPS gamers will probably find it tedious and boring.

    – The overall physics and AI are very basic compared to the physics and AI in game like BF2 and Left4Dead. For example, there’s very little concept of gravity. You can walk straight up and down near-cliffs with no damage. You can drive vehicles straight up cliffs. There’s no fun factor when driving vehicles: no catching air over jumps, no rolling your vehicle over when taking a turn at high speed, etc. Your vehicle clips right through enemies with no damage (no running down bad guys).

    – You spend a LOT of time simply walking around in this game.

    – Missions so far are completely unimaginative and are not fun. For example, most missions I’ve done so far are “Go kill 10 raiders” or “Go kill 10 wolves” or “Go kill 10 rabbits”, etc.”

    Which is why I’m not interested. Good idea, badly executed. Sound familiar?

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