Fallen Earth

I admit I’m struggling a bit with Fallen Earth. The tutorial was very well done, and I loved it. But when I got out into the world, I was lost. Not literally, since I was barely out of the starting area. But lost in the sense of not being able to figure out the game mechanics.

Combat was quite easy in the tutorial, and I was able to attack and switch weapons. I didn’t pay much attention to how I was doing it, since it worked…but then it stopped working when I was out in the world and I can’t remember exactly what I was doing in the tutorial. I almost got killed by a prairie chicken because I couldn’t figure out how to switch weapons. I’ve looked through options, tried putting things on the bars, but the only way I’ve actually been able to do it is open the menu where you’re looking at your character’s amor and weapons, and drag the one I wanted to use to the hand. Surely there’s a hotkey or something for it, but I haven’t found it yet.

You can’t look at your character’s face anywhere except on the character selection screen. Sucks for doing screenshots. And is it my imagination, or is it always night?  Weird. And crafting…as you get higher level, does it speed up?  I spent several minutes making two bandages.

I’m persevering, but so far the fun factor has been pretty low. I’ll have to look online for a guide or something…but these are basic things that should be very intuitive, in my opinion.

Ah, here we go:


How do I turn off the UI?
Hit ALT and F10 at the same time.

How do I turn the camera around to look at myself?
Hold down ALT and use the right mouse button to swing the camera around.

How do I take a screen-shot?

How do I switch weapons?

Weapons are controlled by hitting CTRL and then 1-6, depending on which slots you want to activate. Here’s how they break down so far as defaults:

  • CTRL-1 is the weapon on your right shoulder. This is your 2-handed ranged weapon by default.
  • CTRL-2 is your left shoulder. This is a 2-handed melee weapon by default.
  • CTRL-3 & CTRL-4 are your right and left hand melee weapons, respectively.
  • CTRL-5 & CTRL-6 are your right and left hand ranged weapons, respectively.

You can change weapons around later with all manner of things – pool cues, shinai, hand-grenades with chemical agents, chainsaws, and more.

*sigh*  Back to it…

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