Fairy Woods

Here is a link to some misc pics that I took recently. The bluebell wood is gorgeous, just like a fairy wood. There are pheasants in the tall grassy area (a huge one scared the crap out of Kip by taking off under our feet with a loud whirring noise) and heron pairs nesting down by the river. So gorgeous. Lucky Kip – I want to live there! :)

Things are coming along on the site. The shopping basket and My Account areas are now working, so we can try to put orders through soon, and then hopefully start internal user testing. Still struggling with some really infuriating layout issues, though. :(

I had something that I wanted to write about today, but the whole day was a mad panic from start to finish, and now it’s gone.

I need a vacation…

2 thoughts on “Fairy Woods”

  1. Those are wonderful pics. It’s so beautiful there. Almost as beautiful as Oregon, but with the added attraction of the gorgeous old buildings you don’t see here. So much architecture and nature for artistic inspiration ;).

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