It’s always a danger when you work for an IT startup. Some make it, and (hopefully) the big bucks start falling in your lap. And sometimes, you fail, you run out of money or are beaten to the marketplace, or whatever.

We just failed.

The project is great, the team is awesome, and what we created is something that I will always remember with pride. I worked with some incredibly talented people who put in two years of very dedicated work. The market is absolutely perfect for us right now. But we’ve run out of money, and all our developers will start going on to other projects…we have to, we all have mortgages. I feel as though my heart has been broken.

Such a sad day.

4 thoughts on “Fail.”

  1. Aww.
    When You see labor of love dieing, its like losing something much more important that project.
    Now, when it happened, its over, time to get ready to new challenge. Good luck!

  2. I was walking outside tonight, feeling the night wind, and for some reason it reminded me of how my first world died. The world I threw everything I had into, the world I still mourn for …

    So I understand how you feel, and I’m sorry.

  3. Thanks, all, very much. I’m still in the “shock and denial” phase. The code will live on, since the project is still worth an awful lot of money to someone. But members of the team are falling away, one by one.

    Ah, well…time to move on.

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