Faces Young and Old

Busy weekend; we did a hell of a lot of work on the house. Finished the bathroom, and finished painting the bedroom. The whole house reeks of paint, and I have a massive headache, but it looks very nice. I’ll post some pics next week.

Just finished watching the Burghley coverage, which I had taped so we could paint. Very good competition: Pippa Funnell going for the $250k, Zara Phillips coming very close, at 22, to winning her first Burghley. I was happiest to see Bruce Davidson, in his mid-fifties, still going strong, competing against the best in the world, and coming sixth. He was one of my idols in his heyday, when he was World and Olympic champion. This is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, and he’s still in there…what an amazing competitor.

Not much else to say…someday I’ll have one of those profound, very deep and literary blogs. Until then, this is my life: I was productive this weekend, I have a headache, and I’ve finished three books since Friday. Such is my life.

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