expansionitis…we haz it

Our guild has been hard hit by August (main holiday month in Europe), members going back to school, and most importantly expansionitis. People have ennui related to just wanting to be seeing the new content already – I’m suffering from it, although I really want to see all bosses in Sunwell prior to the expansion. So as a consequence, we’re currently recruiting and gearing up healers and other classes. Notice the emphasis. Yes, we’re farming My Hyjal and Black Temple again to gear up new players to fill missing slots.

Ho hum.

Kit’s famously bad luck in acquiring gear continues, and I am raiding in T5/T6 but still carrying Legacy from Kara. Shivering Felspine has dropped twice from Sunwell trash, and the two hunters who got it promptly stopped raiding.

This is really why I am so looking forward to Warhammer. Do I expect it to replace WoW for me?  No, certainly not. But at the moment I am so bored…I really want something different.

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