Evil Thoughts

Signal Radio (the station that Phil works for) is broadcasting live from our reception area. You have NO idea how tempted I am to go down there. Hmmmnnn…which would be more evil? To go down and say in my sweetest tones “I’d like to say hello to my gorgeous hubby, Phil, who works for Signal – I love you, babe!” just so I can embarrass him in front of his fan club, or to say something like “Hi to Phil at Signal – the smallest guy I know, in so many ways!”

Hmmn. Decisions, decisions.

*evil grin*

(He’s not, actually – not the smallest guy I know, in any way. I know that I’m going to get stick about that. It was just the lowest thing I could come up with. lol…)

3 thoughts on “Evil Thoughts”

  1. lol…well, you shouldn’t be so cruel to me all the time. :) It caught me off-guard that you actually did a nice thing today. It was nice – I just didn’t expect it!

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