EVE Character Creation

I resubbed to EVE Online for a month…perhaps more. We will see. :)

The new character creation system is gorgeous…I should keep a slot free just so that I can play with it now and then. I love micro-managing faces and bodies, and this gives you an amazing amount of control to customise your character.

There was a severe lack of clothing choices, but I suppose that isn’t something that they will be spending any effort on prior to Incarna. And the hair! Oh, my goodness…the hair sways and moves almost naturally. I loved it.

This was the version of Kitsune that I came up with – she looks too old, but the hair and face are almost there:

Hmmmn…actually, perhaps not. That is not Kit. I shall have to keep working on this. :)

And do you want to know the really scary part about going back to EVE? The realisation that since I had been a member of Hellcats last time I played, my home base and all my worldly goods were in Evati. In 0.2 space. In a region where I no longer had any agreements with anyone, and no protection. Since I totally sucked at both pvp and at piracy, my two options were:

1. Go out in a blaze of glory and have a fly in 0.0 space, since I hadn’t actually done it. Seemed a bit silly to go to 0.1 but never into 0.0.

2. Sell off all the crap and replacement parts in my hangar, and sneak out in the wee hours like a scared little pussy.

What did I do? Well, this morning at 6:30 am I…

Yep, you guessed it. I’m a yellow-livered chickenhearted daughter of a weasel. But I did manage to keep my Harbinger intact, so there.

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