EVE Agents

Perhaps this is spillover from my hatred for employment agencies, but the station agents in EVE irritate me. Yesterday I spent ages on an “important storyline mission” that the agent had personally mailed me about – they were counting on me! It was one of those missions where you jump through an acceleration gate, kill a bunch of NPCs, activate another gate, kill another bunch, and so on. It took ages before I was finally finished. I finally returned, turned the mission in, got paid, and went to take the next stage. And the bitch wouldn’t talk to me. “I must trust the people I work with – come back when you have a referral”.

*sniff* Maybe it’s just me.  :(

Station agents do get their panties in a bunch easily, though. Accept a mission and wait too long to complete it, or wait too long to take it, and you hurt their feelings and they won’t talk to you anymore unless you send them chocolates and a huge bribe or something. And snooty! Try talking to the ones “not available to you”. You’ll feel like the school dweeb asking the most popular girl in school to the prom. Afterwards, they all laugh about you behind your back.

It’s too much like real life, I tell you.

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