Essence of Ultimate Weavil

I was quite excited to get a customer feedback request from EA regarding my recent customer service issues. Hurrah! I never fill those things in normally, but I was practically slavering to give them my honest, heartfelt opinion of their company, their site, and their customer service.

And of course, the page for the customer survey wouldn’t come up. In either Firefox or IE. Why am I not surprised?  It’s another weavil plan to mess with their customers’ heads.


Oops, wait – the page finally came up. First page: “Which type of game did you contact us about?” and the games listed do NOT include Warhammer. Definitely messing with me. Ok, let’s choose “EA Games”.

Several freakin minutes later, the next page loads.  Ok, maybe I lied – I wrote that in anticipation of it finally loading, and it still hasn’t loaded. I’m reading Barry Beelzebub while I wait.

Several of his very long posts later, I still don’t have the second page.

“I’m not at all keen on that Foxy Bingo fellow on those incessant TV adverts. There’s something not right there, something sinister. He’s like a cross between Chucky and Basil Bush. A Pied Piper of the Lambrini-addled obese.”

I love Barry.  But the second page still hasn’t loaded, and as much as I would like to vent some very petulant spleen on EA, there’s only so much time that I will devote to doing so.

I can hear them laughing from here.

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