Eredar Twins Down

This patch has made all instances pathetically easy. We’re powering through Sunwell and are currently the 2nd Alliance guild on WoWJutsu on our server. I’m glad to see the content, since we’re unlikely to be doing it after the expansion, but I prefer to think that our accomplishments have been earned.

Last night Eredar Twins went down. We’d spent two nights on them, mainly having everyone learn how to stand on the ledge without falling down, how to run away when needed, and tank positioning. Meh…

One of our feral druids had caused some drama by insisting on going the first night even though he’d not been raiding recently and at one point had quit the guild. He was allowed a spot even though that meant that one of the regular raiders (the guys who had been there for all the wipe nights) stood out for him…he had to have “his” staff. The second night, when we did get them down, he wasn’t in. He bitched about it all night, and I was a happy (if petty and evil) little camper. Well, hell…I really hate loot whores.

We finished the night on a few M’uru attempts. We tried it a couple of times according to the tactics, and then for the last one we decided to ignore the adds until Phase Two, and just nuke M’uru down. Easy peasy.

These encounters are definitely too easy.

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