ratonga.jpgI finally managed to download the trial of EverQuest 2. (Not that I can manage another subscription, mind you, with four WoW accounts in the house and one LOTRO.) That was a massive bitch to download…I don’t remember what the overall filesize was, but it was huge.

I haven’t done much more than install it and create a character, but I am totally enthralled by the fact that I can play a rat. Oh, sure, the graphics kind of suck, and according to Miz the gameplay isn’t great, but…I can play a rat! I spent ages customising her. I love very advanced avatar customisation, and I really wish that WoW allowed that. My characters look like everyone else’s.

I’ll try to get in some playtime before the trial is up. And did I mention that I can play a rat! How cool is that?



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