Epic Twinks

We took the lower-level characters on a Scarlet Monastery run last night; it was the first group run I’d ever done on a mage.  Since our characters were mage, shadow priest, shaman and rogue, we pugged a warrior, and got a level 39 pvp twink.  Great…Miz on the shadow priest was going to have to do a lot of healing, as it was bound to be an interesting run.

The guy was amazing.  I’ve never gone through SM that fast, ever.  He had amazing gear, with high-level enchants on everything possible.  We didn’t have time for mana, for looting, for anything – he just swept the place.  Whenever I pulled aggro off him, he would loop back to scoop up that mob as well, keeping crowds of mobs tanked.  He did double the damage that I did on the fire mage, and kept aggro on everything at the same time.  I was floored…I expected an idiot, and he was awe-inspiring.  He later whispered Miz on his level 39 twink shadow priest, who had a Staff of Jordan, dual Underworld Bands, and so on…over 284 shadow damage.  He’s probably spent more on one single twink than I have on all my level 70s combined.

Cat is so close to having a mount…I have a black stallion sitting in my bags, waiting.  :)  That’s one of the turning points for me when levelling a character – one being able to get out of STV, and the other being not having to run everywhere.  I like her a lot.

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