Epic Pug Fail

Hahaha, just got a message from a friend playing Aion at home. He’s been trying to get a Black Claw Village pug for his Chanter alt for ages, but every group falls apart.

wow, I think I reached a new level of epic fail…

started with 6, including a lvl 25 templar to suck all the xp out of it… russian, barely spoke english. a 23 glad who couldn’t stay connected. A healer that couldn’t heal and didn’t know how to change channels which took FOREVER to get him to do. A spiritmaster who decided he had to go after 15 mins… so we’re down to 4, then the healer keeps screaming ‘MUMUSSS!!!!!!!! I need MUMUS!!!!!!!!!!’ then the tank says after 20 mins, ‘ok, have to go now, sleep time’.


Just had to share.  :D

5 thoughts on “Epic Pug Fail”

  1. That seemed to be the case with many of my pugs in Aion. I feel for him. I did get a few fantastic groups, few and far between.

  2. yeah whoever said the community on Aion is better than WoW is a big fat liar… whilst my legion members are all cool (I think im the youngest at 25) the majority of players are both immature and umm moronic. Im hoping its just because every thing is ‘fresh’ and people are still getting used to it but by the look at some peoples names I fear the worst.

  3. It’s not been my experience that the community in Aion is better by any means. The forums were, and are, filled with the worst fanboy trolls and I’ve met so many immature people in game.

  4. The ‘go bak to WoW u fukking fanboi’ whenever I pointed out a flaw or quibble with Aion now seems more of a welcome suggestion than the original empty-headed retort it did on day one. For all the ‘ezmode’ and ‘casual’ comments about WoW, I have to say that the WoW community is a hell of a lot more polite and forgiving than the Aion one.

  5. The thing is the majority of people will return to WoW… when the new expansion hits. I probably will as well, I am hoping to keep my Aion sub running as well however thats entirely dependant on endgame and pvp. Im only level 20 at the moment so cant comment on them.

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