Eonar Update

I’ve been enjoying the new realm a LOT. The reasons why I decided to roll a character on a completely new server have all proved valid: people would be friendlier if they were new to the game and not already locked into friends and guilds and level 60 characters. Most of the time I’ve played, I’ve ended up playing with people. It’s been great.

I survived the run down to Barrens, and I now have my lion pet, which I named Farrah. ;) My character is just a hair under level 20, and she’s surprisingly effective in soloing mobs several levels higher than her, considering that the lion can’t take much damage, and she still has crappy equipment and armour.

I love it. :)

I also rolled my first undead character, a mage. I’m enjoying the undead starting area, although all the other players look like targets to me.

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