Enter the Asylum

Well, let’s see if British Telecom will allow me to make a post. I tend to do most of my writing from work, since BT chokes p2p connections during the afternoon and evening, and it seems to count WordPress as p2p – cloud computing, maybe?  All I know is, sometimes I can’t post from home, and sometimes it just eats long posts, like the one I made last night.  :( So this is a test.

I’ve been having an enormous amount of fun in Aion. Aside from the queues, aside from the problem with all of the afk shops that prevent you from seeing anything in towns and cities, it’s been so much fun. Ravven got to tank for the first time yesterday, in the Black Claw group quests. I use the word tank loosely, of course, since we had a perfectly capable Gladiator, no one was marking, and we had an assassin in the group who seemed to think he was a tank (from all the pulling that he did). It was great though, I really enjoyed it.

We started a guild, only a few members at the moment, but everyone is really, really nice. Hopefully we can get more players of the same calibre, and start to grow a bit. We’re going with a demented-clown theme at the moment.  :D  I’d wanted to try to get some really fun, interesting people together to have a good time and not be too hardcore about things.


2 thoughts on “Enter the Asylum”

  1. Have fun in Aion Fox-girl!

    Of course I hope it will be a disaster and in time for Icecrown you will be back in WoW – possibly on more casual basis? I would say, I know nice rp realm to play, but you been there done that, so simply play what you like!

  2. Hey you. :) I’ll always be in Wow to some extent. On a casual basis, probably – I can’t imagine going back to raiding right now. But I will probably keep my Warcraft subscription live until I stop gaming (if that ever comes to pass) because I love it so. Plus, I would miss my Kitsune. :)

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