Ennui, and Cataclysm Goals

I’ve hardly logged in to Warcraft at all recently, due to boredom with the game, and also exhaustion (not related to anything as fun as gaming).

I did have some things that I wanted to accomplish prior to the expansion: I wanted to get my priest and shaman to 80, all the 80s relatively well-geared, and everyone’s professions up to 450. Yep, that includes cooking and fishing, which has been punishing. And pointless, I freely admit. But we all have to have goals.

Yaar, Matey…

I was quite happy to read that Pirates of the Burning Sea is going free to play. I’d pre-ordered that before it came out, and got the initial beta disk, but cancelled my order prior to it shipping. It was pretty, but I’d expected more land content. I’ve always had a thing about pirates, you see, and have had an unfinished project about Anne Bonney sitting around since I was in my early twenties.

So, in honour of Talk Like a Pirate day, I’m downloading a free trial and will be back on the seas by the end of the day. Ahoy from this busty pirate wench!

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