English-to-American Dictionary, Condensed Version

There are some odd turns of phrase here – some that I will adopt eventually, some phrases that I know to avoid in order to not cause undue amusement, and quite a lot of spelling and pronounciation differences. Some of the phrases that I find weird/amusing are:

Ta – Thank You. As in “Ta, Duck.” Or “Ta so very much.”

Cheers – also Thank You. As in “Cheers, mate.”

Butty – Sandwich. They have chip butties here, which to an American is a french fry sandwich, kind of a starch burger. Better than it sounds, surprisingly.

Pants – Underwear and Trousers – Pants, American style. Don’t get these confused, as I did when a female co-worker was talking about going paintballing.

Ravven: I have some padded pants that I can loan you.
Li: Ah…pants? You’ll loan me your pants?
Ravven: Yeah, no problem…I’ll bring them in tomorrow.
Li: (red, and obviously having trouble finding the right response) Well, thank you.

I’ll add to this list later. I should get to work.

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