English Humour

If Little Britain ever makes it to BBC America, y’all have to watch it and let me know what you think. It’s extremely odd and a bit uncomfortable to watch at times, but it’s one of those shows where you know the characters they’re parodying. Here’s an article about the town where it’s set. I would say that if you like League of Gentlemen (Shaun), you’ll like this. :)

Overall, I think that TV here is much better then in the States. Yes, there is a current plague of reality TV shows and DIY shows, but aside from that there is some extremely edgy and clever comedy, good drama, and some of the best of the US imports (Nip/Tuck, etc., as well as Sex and The City, West Wing, and other good older shows).

I was trying to find something on DVD that I thought my parents would enjoy, and the closest I could come was Father Ted. I do love The Royle Family, but my family would never in a million years get it. Things like Coupling and The Office aren’t their style. So I didn’t.

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  1. that plague exists here too.
    DIY and reality. Even combined into reality DIY competition shows.

    But yes, both the British comedies and drama mini-series that make it over either through PBS or A&E or other art channels are definitely quite good! I saw Netflix is offering a number on dvds so I’ve a few that I have not seen listed in my que. Someday!

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